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Project Process

Origin stage

The creation of the minimum viable open source LA source code and the implementation of some of the necessary HM source code (non-open source).

End Mark: The minimum viable LA source code is all open source on Github.

Expected time: half a year

Matrix stage

Through global publicity, find and support at least 3 language versions, use open source code to create a homogenous digital asset management center LA in 3 countries.

End mark: All language versions are stable, and each LA basic business achieves expected function indicators to provide satisfactory services to local customers.

Expected time: one year

Queen's stage

The Unicom between the LAs is created, and the VIP account system issued by HM enables the client's assets to be seamlessly connected through the Unicom of each LA. Improve HM and LA code, and timely feedback and repair problems arising from LA Unicom.

Ending sign: All LA inter-bank funds have been operating stably for more than half a year, and all basic businesses have achieved expected functional indicators to provide satisfactory services to customers around the world.

Expected time: one year

Our Team

Local Alliance


Sponsor of Hivebanks project.

CEO of Shanghai fengying network technology co. LTD.

Senior programmer architect.

Founder of original lexiang bitcoin.

Former safety project manager at nomura securities in Japan.

Founded the Chinese programmer alliance.

Korea national institute of technology certification taekwondo black belt II.

Members of Mensa.

Local Alliance

Front-End Developer

Graduated from Zhengzhou Chenggong University of Finance and Economics undergraduate degree in art design.

Have solid professional skills, strong learning ability, good communication skills and coordination skills.

Local Alliance

Back-End Developer

Graduated from Liaoning University of Engineering and Technology, Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology.

Rigorous thinking, clear thinking, reasonable ways of doing things and ways to deal with problems, strong hands-on ability, coordination ability and teamwork ability.

Local Alliance

Back-End Developer

Zhongnan university of forestry and technology, majoring in civil engineering.

Self-taught programming, once worked in ping an wanli tong, SNH48 (siba culture media) as PHP back-end development.Like simple, efficient, adventurous and good at solving bugs.

Local Alliance

Blockchain Engineer

Bachelor's degree from tongji university.Tongji university 100 outstanding talents training program members.Master degree from Hong Kong university of science and technology.

Responsible for the secondary development of block chain and the tracking of the latest technology of block chain.Read and annotate the source code of bitcoin, master the core technology of block chain mainstream projects, and have strong research and innovation ability.


  • 版本:1.0
  • 更新内容:
  • 网站日文版上线;
  • 推出注册即送基准数字货币功能;
  • 简化la建立流程;
  • 部分bug修复;